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Solar Panel Roof Tiles Supplier

This is the new solar roof vision, something with intrinsic and efficient value added to your roof. Our solar tiles are photovoltaic small solar systems for your roofs that deliver a unique and fascinating priced-look to your property. Carefully manufactured from thermoplastic resins, support mechanical stress and overheated conditions exceeding 150 degrees Celsius or 302 degrees Fahrenheit. The interior of the thermoplastic frames the Solar Tile is housed by the PV solar tile modules, Giellenergy Tile, And Giellenergy Tile Ultra.

Power Generated From Integrated Roofing Solutions
We handle two models for your preferences, giellenergy tile, and giellenergy tile ultra: 1 model giellenergy tile ultra can generate up to 18wp, while 1 model giellenergy tile can generate up to 9wp. The ultra model needs 8.60m² to generate 1kw. In 1m² fits 13 pieces of the tile model or 6.5 pieces of ultra model. The number of pieces needed to generate 1kw are 110 pieces of tile model or 55 pieces of ultra model. To generate 3kw, 330 pieces of the tile model are needed or depending of your preferences 165 pieces of ultra model. Technically designed for housing roofing preferences as well as for buildings, surrounded walls, or for any other area you are thinking for reroofing or just building from the start.

Typically, the roof is a part of the property covering the topmost areas that provide shelter, protection from weather temperatures, wind and sun radiation. Capturing sunlight with the solar roof tiles transforms it into electricity adding value and significant renovated style to your property. Solar roof tiles are photovoltaic tiles, they are solar integrated panels or simply solar modules designed to look as normal tile, and function as solar combined roofing panel.

The dimensions and shape are identical to the conventional roof tiles. The finished integrated solution is simply perfect. All elements are efficiently combined and considered BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics).

Side & Front
The solar roof tiles are designed to facilitate the air flow temperature exchanges in any direction, avoiding temperature picks and improving output performance. Silicon adhesive avoids the impact of high temperatures. The PV cells are properly mounted on the ceramic module and structured in the thermostatic resin capable to face mechanical resistance and impacts of UV or heavy agents.

These lighter Solar Roof Tiles help to obtain more that 50% mechanical strength increasing the energy efficiency class of the building. The uniform load can reach 5,400 N/m² surface and 0.25 mm hailstones thrown at a speed of 83 km/h.

The back of the solar roof tile is technically composed of the MC4 connectors, the empty zones of the cells that facilitate the temperature exchange and includes five holes to fix the module on the roof surface.

The rear contact area supports the cell made from high quality silicone and related materials. The higher potential of the solar roof tile is the result from the assembled configuration of this photovoltaic device. The cells on the rear are easy to interconnect and the MC4 connectors do not leave any empty space between the cells. Edge isolation is properly done and all source materials perform to absorb the fractions and densities of the sunlight to generate electricity.

The solar roof tiles can be obtained as standard, or on demand, in colors and tones almost identical to those installed, conventional or for getting a reroofing renovated style.

For any surface, with thermal and photovoltaic generation capacity, all in one. In dark colors absorb more sunlight. These integrated solutions are effective as they will reduce energy consumption when used for cooling or warming your house or when using the basic house appliances. Terracota or any other color, interconnected simple devices, patented, simple installation, efficient, beauty and architectural look.

Eco Sustainable
At the end of the life cycle, all Solar Roof Tiles will be ready to undergo 95% recycling, after separating from photovoltaic cells and electronic cables, that need dedicated treatment of differentiating, the result will be a minimized production of pollution waste.

A conventional roofer can do the installation, a wood mounted platform 2×2 inches (4×4 cm) to screw the tiles is necessary. Cabling can be accomplished during the installation or prepared before. Mounting the tiles on the roof can be done one by one or by rows. Placing proper attention to the MC4 connectors to ensure all are interconnected is recommended for proper installation and efficient energy output.

It is not necessary to use different or extra supports or elements for the installation because the PV tiles are fixed directly on the wooden battens, this will improve the result of esthetic and architectonic view. Only one screw is needed for fixing each tile in three different points; this is very useful, especially for roofs with more than 50% inclination or in high wind areas.

The finished style match with more of the Marseille type roof tiles (Standard or Vario) commonly used in Europe, specially Italy, now in USA, Latin America, Africa and other continents. By far, these solar systems are efficient, present and future, from the sun captured to the roof, for your needs, goals, and cost-effective investment. Go solar with affordable style, and increased value. Flexible installation with good looking investment returns.

Tiles And MC4 Connected
Mounting the tiles on the roof can be done one by one or by rows. Placing proper attention to the MC4 connectors to ensure all are interconnected is recommended for proper installation and efficient energy output. Wiring the solar tiles in series make the tiles wired together by connecting the positive lead on one tile to the negative lead on another tile. The male connector will click directly into the female connector.


Type Tiles
Application House Roof Top
Surface Matte Glossy
MOQ As per Client Requirement

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of the two GIELLENERGY-TILE® models are shown below. All proven quality requirements are certified. Feel free to contact us, we will be glad to answer your questions.

  Giellenergy-Tile® 9,0 WP Giellenergy-Tile® 18,0 WP
Cells (Pseudo-Square 156x156 mm) no2 Monocristalline (3 B.B) no4 Monocristalline (3 B.B)
Glass (,32/4mm) High trasmittance and temperted
Encapsulant Eva (Ethyleme-Vinil-Acetate)
Backsheet Tedlar-Pet-Tedlar
Connections MC4 Connectors and double 4mm2
Weight 1,5 Kg +/-5% 2,5 Kg +/-5%
Dimensions 415 x 245 x 45 mm (Installed on the roof : 365 x 205x 35 mm) 415 x 245 x 45 mm (Installed on the roof : 365 x 205x 35 mm)
m2 for 1 kWp 8,60m2 of Photovltaic Tiles 8,60m2 of Photovltaic Tiles
Pieces for 1 kWp 110 pcs, (0,99kWp) 55 pcs, (0,99kWp)
Power at m2 >116 Wp/m2-(13 pcs/.m2) >116 Wp/m2-(6,5 pcs/.m2)
Tile's frame material V0 and UV Stabilized PA, reinforced by glass, shperes & Fibers
Colour Terracotta Brown (Ral 8004), Serveral Col. available by orders > di 6 kWp
Support on the roof Classic Battens for "Vented" roof
Warranty 10 Year on 90% and 20 Years o 80% of the minimum power, 5 Manufacturing defects
Delivery Time (average) About 60 Working days from order


Thermal Characteristics

(standards test Condition : 1,000 W/m2; AM 1,5)

Electrical Characterstics

(standards test Condition : 1,000 W/m2; AM 1,5)

Giellenergy-Tile ® Standard 9,0 Wp Ultra 18,0 Wp Giellenergy-Tile ® Standard Ultra
Operating temperature -40oC a + 85oC -40oC a + 85oC Maximum power Pp 9,0 Wp (+/-3%) 18,0 Wp
Temperatutre Coefficient Pmp


(+0,1 W/oC)


(+0,1 W/oC)

Current at maximum power Imp 8,38A 8,38A
Temperatutre Coefficient Voc


(+ 2mV/oC)


(+ 2mV/oC)

Voltage at maximum power Imp 1,07 V 2,15 V
Temperatutre Coefficient Isc

+3,037 (mA/oC)

(+ 2mV/oC)

+3,037 (mA/oC)

(+ 2mV/oC)

Short Circuit current Isc 8,93A 8,93A
Maximim system voltage 1,000 V-DC 1,000 V-DC Short Circuit Voltage Isc 1,31 V 2,63 V
NOCT 44,8oC (+2,5oC) 44,8oC (+2,5oC) Fill Factor 77,0% 76,88%


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